Animation: (1) Interior of the church, some of the people, (2) Artist's recreation of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in 1920, (3) The church today

Greetings from the Anglican Church of the Resurrection!

The Chaplaincy of the Resurrection is based in Bucharest (Romania) and also serves Sofia (Bulgaria). It is part of the Church of England's "Diocese in Europe", and as such, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

We are currently celebrating our 80th Anniversary Year. Through a series of events during the year we shall continue to give glory to God for past blessings, and seek God's guidance, support, and blessing for the years ahead.

Our services are in English, and attract not only those whose native language is English, but also Romanians and Bulgarians, as well as people of diverse cultures and traditions from all around the world.

"Home from home" for some, for others, the Anglican Church is a place of meeting and new contacts. Through the worship and social life of the congregation, people from many different cultures and walks of life find support and sustenance.

Whether you are new to faith, or seeking to deepen and nourish your faith, whatever profession or purpose brings you to this area of the world, we invite you to join us in worship and to share in the growth and future of our church.

In BUCHAREST, the main regular Sunday service is Holy Communion at 10 a.m. The Church of the Resurrection is located in the city centre, near Gradina Icoanei, on the corner of Str. Xenopol and Str. Verona.

In SOFIA the Eucharist is celebrated every third Sunday of the month, 10 a.m. For further details please contact Lionel Sainsbury (click here for telephone/address).

Please see the "Calendar" and/or "Services and Events" link for details of all activities. All visitors, of whatever age, are very welcome. Everyone is invited to receive Communion, whatever their denomination. If you feel you can do so in good conscience, we welcome you to our communion.

The Chaplain, the Revd. James Ramsay, will be happy to answer enquiries and make individual appointments: (click here for telephone/address).

Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Bucharest (Romania) - with Sofia (Bulgaria)

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Please visit them all. Then, we sincerely hope you will come visit us!
May God bless you, in all your ways